Waiver for hikes on EMI land

East Maui Irrigation Company (EMI) allows access to their trails as long as each hiker has a waiver. An EMI waiver is absolutely required for EMI hikes. Call in your waiver request at 579-9516 well in advance to make an appointment to sign it in person or to get a form by email to e-sign. If not using e-sign, go to EMI’s office at:

8401 Pulehu Road
Kahului HI 96732

to sign the waiver. It is open Monday - Friday 7am-3pm. One waiver is good for all outings on EMI land during this period. Please be considerate of EMI staff time and pick up the waiver 5 days in advance whenever possible. The waiver must be brought on the hike or the e-sign waiver available on a phone and shown to the hike leader.

Directions to the EMI office:

If coming from Mokulele onto Hansen Road you take a right on Pulehu road, then take the first right (you will see a Mahi Pono sign) on South firebreak road (this is road before the Puunene Landfill).  Drive till you see a green building on right look for sign “Main Office”.  Please ring door bell at the double doors.