Sierra Club Maui Hikes

Meetup location
Haiku Community Center - parking lot on the Kahului side
Meetup time
Max participants
Mark Short
Length (one way): 1 mi - Elevation Change: 200 ft / 60.96 m
This is a short nature trail that climbs a forested slope to a picnic site. The trail starts at a picnic shelter and climbs through lush forest of planted trees and a grove of bamboo. At the top the trail breaks out of the trees into a grassy clearing with another shelter and picnic site, then continues to the left down to the river and the top of a waterfall. The trail is often muddy.

We will then drive a short distance to Keanae Arboretum - this is a paved path through an amazingly ideal growing environment - this is also a very beautiful place to have a swim

Bring water, lunch, snacks, mosquito repellent, sunscreen


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